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What if...

...Fitness and nutrition became an integrated lifestyle for you, rather than a never-ending series of diets and 30-day programs?
...The answer was not to have more willpower, a more restrictive diet, or an extra 5 hours in each day, but instead to have a simple system that you practice daily?
...You were not “lacking,” but already had all the tools you needed to meet your goals, right now, where you are?
...You didn’t have to do this alone?

Folk Fitness is about exercise for the rest of us:


the parent, the workaholic, the person who has one too many things on their plate. Focusing on simple strategies that use minimal equipment and maximum fun, Folk Fitness aims to infuse new life into your wellness goals. We believe there is strength in numbers and want to walk with you on your journey towards a healthier self.

Folk Fitness is a lifestyle change. It’s the whole package. I have taken my share of classes, but this class is like no other. Never had I had a trainer that cared as much as Niki does.
— Joan Auld Ballance

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