Summer can be an amazing time: swimming, vacations, and relaxed schedules, to name a few of the perks. But summer is also the time of year when I often look around, mind blown, and wonder how one half of a year has already passed by. I have big plans for my year in January, but sometimes the place I’m at halfway through is way different than what I anticipated. And that’s not always a bad thing. But when it’s our health and wellness goals that are suffering, it may be time for a kick in the pants.

But where do I start? How do I get motivated? What do I do to keep going?

Does it mean I should be exercising twelve times a day?

Eating nothing but carrots and hummus?

Meditating until my zen matches my chi?

...Questions like these are why I created the Folk Fitness 30-Day Challenge.

Hi there, I’m Niki Torres: mom, theatre artist, and founder of Folk Fitness. I passionately believe in empowering individuals to make healthy changes through hard work, a supportive community, and a good dose of lightheartedness. We are all everyday Folks who need each other, and our small changes can add up to make some pretty big differences. 


The weekly bootcamps I run have taught me many things: 

  • We are all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for.
  • Growing stronger is empowering in all areas of our lives.
  • Finding a community who surrounds you with encouragement and fun is essential.

But something else I’ve learned is if you are only focused on your health for the 3-5 hours a week you are actively exercising, then it simply won't be enough. Unless there are also significant changes happening with your eating, movement, and mindset for the other 165 hours in the week, you’re not going to see the changes you’re looking for.

The Folk Fitness 30-Day Challenge gives you the tools needed to succeed in each of those areas. Broken up into small, manageable tasks to focus on weekly, the challenge offers a clear and simple plan to help kickstart your healthy living goals. And you get to customize the program in the way that works best for you!


Here's What You Get:


Tier 1: “My Own Personal Jumpstart” $30

  • Daily steps to improve your fitness, nutrition, and mindset: simple and effective tasks to focus on each day via email to help you start building the healthy lifestyle you’ve wanted.
  • A Recipe book full of healthy choices and nutritional information.
  • Community support: Join other Challengers on our closed Facebook group to encourage each other and work together.


Tier 2: “I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends” $45

All of the above, plus...

  • A total workout plan for the month: new, follow-along, strength and cardio workouts each week tailored to your fitness level. 
  • Fun surprises and “mini-workouts” to complete throughout the month that keep things fresh and interesting.
  • The entire 30-Days couched within a game challenge, where Challengers play against each other and have the opportunity to win fun prizes as well as money to a charity of their choice if they win. An AMAZING incentive to stay committed for the whole month! But what if you are interested in the workouts and not the game? No problem! The workouts themselves stand alone and the game challenge is totally optional (NOTE: the game challenge is entirely behavior-based and not performance-based, i.e. no one will be sharing the amount of pounds they are losing. Instead, points are scored for things like completing a workout or laying out exercise clothes the night before.).


Tier 3: “All Up In My Business” $60 (Only three spots remaining for Tier 3!)

EVERYTHING included in Tiers 1 and 2, plus...

  • Your very own personal trainer: weekly check-ins and full access to me for the month. Similar to my virtual coaching program (but for a fraction of the price), we will work together to keep your diet and movement on track throughout the month.

The Folk Fitness 30-Day Challenge starts in August - Don’t let another month (or six!) slip away! Now is the time to take action to help you reach your goals and arm yourself with the tools you need to achieve real, lasting changes. The 30-Day Challenge gives you small, achievable steps to take every day. These steps not only add up to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, they also begin to lay a foundation for you to continue you journey past the 30-day mark. Join us today!