Tier 2: I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

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Tier 2: I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

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With Tier 2, you get

EVERYTHING in Tier 1, plus...

  • A total workout plan for the month: new, follow-along, strength and cardio workouts each week tailored to your fitness level. 
    Fun surprises and “mini-workouts” to complete throughout the month that keeps things fresh and interesting.
  • The entire exercise program couched within a game challenge, where Challengers play against each other and have the opportunity to win fun prizes as well as money to a charity of their choice if they win. An AMAZING incentive to keep working out for the whole month!


(And here's what you get from Tier 1...


  • Daily steps to improve your fitness, nutrition, and mindset: simple and effective tasks to focus on each day via email to help you start building the healthy lifestyle you’ve wanted.
  • A Recipe book full of healthy choices and nutritional information.
  • Community support: Join other Challengers on our closed Facebook group to encourage each other and work together.)
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