Instead of "What do you do for a living?" what if we started conversations with:

"What are you passionate about?"

Here are some of the things Folk Fitness most passionately believes...

We believe fitness should be fun. Moving should be as natural as breathing, more natural than typing a response to an email, checking Facebook. We should all feel comfortable in our own skin, proud of what our bodies can do, at one with ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually...and that those things are all way more connected than we let ourselves think about. 

We believe nutrition should be simple. Healthy eating should not feel like deprivation, an elite club, or something you need a college degree to understand. We believe in the power of learning the essentials, then practicing those basic healthy habits on a daily basis. 

We believe we all have superpowers, unique unto ourselves. And the world desperately needs us to use those superpowers.

We believe in the power of community and accountability: that there is strength in numbers, power in fun, and the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. 

We believe our best selves shine through when all of the above is in place. We can excel more easily in other areas of our lives when we feel empowered rather than encumbered by our bodies. That when we are at our best, we can best help others, which in turn makes us happier, stronger individuals.

Who We are and WHAT WE OFFER

Folk Fitness is more than a trainer, workout, or online program. We are busy parents trying to keep all our balls in the air. Hardworking-office crusaders who want to feel masterful. Upstanding citizens who secretly rock out to Eminem and dream of smashing stuff. Just everyday superheros. We are up early, go to bed late, and move mountains in between. And we’ve got each other’s backs.

We provide effective workouts and realistic nutrition coaching both in-person and online so you can meet your goals wherever you live, wherever you are starting from.

We offer accountability that will allow you to stick with the healthy routine you've been trying to find for years. We provide the knowledge and motivation right where you are - in your own home.

We eliminate excuses - getting fit is no longer too far away, too lonely, or too boring!



about niki

Hiya! I’m Niki J. Torres. Former actor, mom of two, board game lover, professional chaos-wrangler. ENTP. 

I love how exercising helps me feel strong and empowered to take on the world, and I LOVE sharing that experience with others and being a part of their fitness journey! I get the biggest kick out of helping people come together, form a community, and have a good time. I passionately believe that making healthier physical choices inspires us to unlock our best selves and change the world for the better.


So then, what is MY super-power?...

Most simply put, I am FUN. It took me a while to embrace this as a superpower. I believe deeply in helping others, and hey, wouldn't that be easier to do if I was, say, a brain surgeon? But the longer I go at this whole "life" thing, the more evident it is to me that fun is often a scarce commodity; it's something essential that we just don't get enough of in our busy, stressful lives. 

I am also Your Biggest Fan. I will cheer you on like no other. And like Mary Poppins, I make you take your medicine (i.e. medicine ball, or heavy weight workout, or sprints) with a smile on your face before you realize it’s happened.

I want to live in a world where...

...We are motivated to move based on how we feel and what it allows us to do rather than what we look like or how we fit into a certain clothing size. 

...Exercise is less of an “event” and more of what naturally occurs in our everyday lives. 

...We support each other for who we are, encourage each other to go for it!, do it!, make it happen!, and have each other’s backs when the chips are down.

...Fun is essential, not superfluous. Relaxation is prized, not looked down upon. Fitness is opted for, not begrudgingly belabored. 

If all of the above sounds like a good fit for you, contact us today to learn how to jump in and give things a try! I am already excited to meet you!

Niki's Credentials:

  • Certified Personal Trainer for 7 years, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

    • Women's Fitness Specialist (WFS)

  • Certified Primary Group Fitness Instructor, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA)

  • Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition, Levels 1 & 2

Before Folk Fitness, I loathed working out. I felt awkward and uncomfortable in group classes where everyone seemed to know each other, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pick up the flow of the class. I have never had this experience with Niki! She is very welcoming and makes sure everyone has proper form for the exercises and suggests modifications as needed. The fitcamps are awesome!
— Jennifer Sharpe-Smith
I enjoy Fitcamp for many reasons: the workouts are tough but definitely doable, and they are FUN. The people are supportive and create a welcoming environment.
— Ashley Kirstein
Since I have started training with Folk Fitness, my entire exercise regime has become more intense and fulfilling, and I have seen serious results. I keep training for many reasons: I can see a change. I can feel a change. I am constantly being challenged, and I am constantly surprising myself with my results. I love the diversity of the exercises, but most of all, I love the support from Niki and others, and the friendships.
— Joan Auld Ballance
I can see that my body is different and my endurance has increased.
— Juliana Diaz Morales
I keep training with Folk Fitness because it is the MOST fun I have while exercising! I don’t particularly like to exercise because I do find it to be boring at times, but Folk Fitness manages to make exercising exciting and keeps it fresh! For example, one day we’ll be outside doing a scavenger hunt and the next day we’ll be inside playing tag and competing in teams.
— Kayde Miller Forde