What's YOUR Big Adventure?


You’ve been hearing about it for months: Folk Fitness is raising money for the NC Special Olympics in order to gain the opportunity to rappel down the Wells Fargo building in downtown Raleigh. Well…we did it!

Last Saturday, our team of two went down 400 feet - that’s 30 stories - of building. It was a rush, for sure. It was exciting in the moment and also made it feel that much sweeter to be back on the ground with family. It was 1 part freakin’ scary and at least 3 parts incredible. It felt really, really good.

Want to see some pictures? Good, because I’d love to share!

Along with the hardcore Nerf player vibe we are giving off, take note of the other things that make this photo stunning, including Elizabeth's Winnie-the-Poo socks and my team shirt from the only softball team I've ever played on, "The Many-Handed Octopi."
We obviously played a critical role in decorating the float.
This is one of my all-time favorite t-shirts, btw. Of a mountain lion, and it says, "Montana," a state I have never visited. Classic.
This game was called, "Grab whatever happens to be in the backseat and wear it into Wal-Mart."
This serious group rented a house together our last semester of college. It was all diligence and study around there, all the time.
Two orangutuans peeking out behind a bush. Because, of course.
She was wearing a Superman shirt, so...obviously...

All in all, our humble Folk Fitness team of two raised $2,035. We were part of something even bigger: this event alone raised over $100,000 for the NC Special Olympics. And many of you reading this were a big part of that: we had a total of 41 donors - Wow!

After the big event, my amazing husband put this sweet post up on Facebook:
Niki Jacobsen Torres - you are an inspiration to me. You are bold, determined, a risk taker, and full of joy. It was so much fun to see you go over the edge and set a great example for all of us to live an adventure.”

That post got me thinking…what is my NEXT adventure?

And also,

What is YOUR next adventure?

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I talk a lot about the power of small-but-consistent healthy choices, and about the importance of habit formation. But can I share a secret with you?

That stuff is boring.

Well, it can be. It can also be fun, and it’s my driving force to make it so, but still……that part? That part is the grind.

Since this weekend, what I have been reflecting on is how finding an Adventure to Live gives purpose to the grind. It gives the grind more meaning, and it better motivates us to hold ourselves to what we said we would do in order to reach that higher (and more exciting) goal.

Would you run faster on a treadmill, or if a bear was chasing you?

We all need an adventure to live.

So what does it take to find that adventure, and how do you start?

Start by dreaming big. Adventures, by nature, must be a little scary. Must stretch us a little more than we are comfortable. Must take us - dare I say it? - Over the Edge. So start there: what sounds exciting-but-slightly-out-of-your-current-comfort-zone-or-ability-level?

I would suggest coming up with an adventure on a 6-12 month timeline. Less, and it may not be too much of an adventure. More, and it’s easy to lose focus. Then how do you start? Just like eating an elephant: by breaking it up into small parts.

Here’s an Example Timeline:

  • In 12 months: Run a marathon!

  • In 8 months: Run a 1/2 marathon

  • In 6 months: Run a 10K

  • In 3 months: Run a 5K

  • In 1 month: Commit to a running program or group to train with

  • In 1 week: Begin researching marathon training programs/books/groups

  • Today: Schedule 3 days/week to begin walk/jogging for 30 minutes

Remember this: If you don’t get started, you don’t have an adventure: it’s just a wish. Move your thoughts into concrete action - start planning today!

Need some inspiration? Here is a short list of some of the next adventures I am considering in my next year:

  • Snow Skiing (I haven’t been in over a decade!)

  • Hiking up Old Rag in the Shenendoah National Forest

  • Biking 100 miles with Bike MS next September

  • Walk/Jogging at least four 5K / obstacle races in the next year with my family.

  • Going Over the Edge again next year? Hmm……

Adventures are good for the soul. They are also good for the world! I strongly believe we all have super powers the world needs us to use, and for me, fitness is about helping to better enable ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to be our best Superhero self!

So I want to know…what adventure will YOU be living next?

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