Folk Fitness is about exercise for the rest of us:


the parent, the workaholic, the person with one too many things on their plate. We aim to bring eating and moving back to basics with wellness programs that are realistic, effective, and fun. We meet you where you are with in-person and online coaching options, and we are passionate about helping you feel your best so you can use your superpowers in this world that needs you. 

Folk Fitness is a lifestyle change. It’s the whole package. I have taken my share of classes, but this class is like no other. Never had I had a trainer that cared as much as Niki does.
— Joan Auld Ballance

AbouT Us

Who is Folk Fitness and what can you expect?

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In-Person Coaching

Prefer in-person interaction? Check out these exercise & nutrition options.

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Online Coaching

Online coaching allows great flexibility for you as a client to fit training into your schedule while still receiving professional programming!

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