Train on Your Terms.


Is This Your Reality?

  • Between work and kids, there is just no time to block out an hour a week (a month?) to get away.
  • Money is tight, and paying full price for an experienced trainer isn't in the budget right now.
  • Overall, you would do well staying on track with a fitness program, if only you knew what to do and had a partner in crime to keep you accountable.

Believe me, I get it. Because - full disclosure - this is my reality as well. With two kids that are five and under, two erratic work schedules to juggle, and not a lot of extra spending money, I wouldn't be able to budget for a personal trainer...if I wasn't one already. Sometimes our desires can't fit with our current reality, and as nice as "community" and "me time" sound, those things may have to look a little different than the ideal.

That is why Folk Fitness is now offering Virtual Coaching. We're taking "community" to you, wherever you are, and walking with you on your terms.


Why Train Virtually: 

Virtual Coaching is a great fit for you if: 

  • Your schedule is too complicated to fit in regular sessions alongside a trainer.
  • You want more out of a plan than a workout video can offer. 
  • You're looking for a cost-effective way to gain knowledge, support, and accountability. 
  • You don't mind exercising solo, provided you have a specific, made-for-you plan to follow. 
  • You are not entirely new to exercise, have no major injuries, and feel confident you can maintain good form provided you have basic cueing. 


As Simple as 1, 2, 3...

Don't take it from us!...

...Here's what one client has to say about her experience with Virtual Coaching:

When I started working with Folk Fitness’ Virtual Coaching program, I expected to be set up with a few exercise routines and a quick check in with Niki. Imagine my surprise to receive Niki’s video demonstrations, thoroughly well-tailored workouts, a weekly nutrition consultation and all the cheering on a girl could want. I was very impressed by Niki’s knowledge of the science behind the training plan, and I felt motivated without judgement and with a whole lot of grace. The results are fabulous! By changing my eating habits and following the workout plan, I lost almost 10lbs in less than 2 months. My clothes fit better and I feel stronger and capable! I cannot recommend Folk Fitness enough! Thanks so much for being a dedicated partner in my fitness!
— Lucretia Anderson

Here's what you get:


All this, for only $99/month!




Well, in one sense you always are. No one can make you exercise. And unless you have the money to pay a trainer to be with you every second you work out, you would still be responsible for following a plan on your own for some of the time anyway. Virtual training gives you the benefit of having all the legwork and followup done for you by an experienced trainer so that all you have to focus on is the exercise.


I'm digging this idea, but I really prefer working out with others.

Then contact a friend and invite them to exercise with you! Or you and your partner could work out together at home. I will be creating workouts for your level and goals and tracking your progress alone, but there's no reason not to invite others to join in on the journey.

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