Virtual Training


Folk Fitness Online is designed to work with ‘stuck-at-home’ Folks like you. Whether you are trapped inside during nap jail or only have a hot second before it’s time to work remotely again, sometimes going to the gym is just not in the cards. Virtual training gives you the convenience and accountability you need so you can meet your goals even when leaving the house is impossible.

My major problem with finding an exercise routine has been child care. I am either with my kids or at work 100% of the time, but virtual training completely takes the need for child care out of the equation. I could do another form of streaming workout, but there is zero accountability in that. Doing the virtual training means I have committed to a class time and someone is expecting me to show up for it, even though that just means walking down to my living room and turning on the computer. It literally takes me only the 30 minutes for the workout - no driving or standing around after class chatting!
— Jennifer Sharpe

Do You…

  • Need more accountability to stay motivated after sleepless nights or long days working?

  • Desperately crave more energy for endless days of playing hide-and-seek or working behind a screen?


Imagine…Self-care through exercise being an attainable part of your routine.

What if...

  • Caring for others doesn’t have to mean skimping on yourself?

  • You could meet with an expert trainer who understands kids are part of the equation?

  • Your workout solution is a click of a button away?

It’s time to stop feeling tired, alone, and stuck at home: getting fit is no longer too far away, too lonely, or too boring!

Virtual Training Offers You:

  • Expert training through your computer, phone, or tablet without the time-cost or physical cost of travel, making it more affordable and convenient for you.

  • Live, 2-Way Communication, so you and your trainer can see and hear each other, allowing for all the questions, modifications, corrections, and support you need.

  • The flexibility to use the equipment you have rather than high-dollar or confusing systems, so you can start right where you are with confidence.

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One-to-One Virtual Training

Just like personal training but through a computer, we design each session for your space, ability, goals and available equipment. Your 1-to-1 training schedule will be set up between you and your trainer at a time that works for both of you.

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Shared Session Virtual Training

The most affordable way to experience personal training! We offer a weekly schedule of training sessions - just log in and join in! Other Folks may be tuning in for the same training session as you, but your experience is unchanged: all clients have two-way conversations with the trainer, but no one will see or hear each other.

Current Shared Sessions include:

Fat Blasting Strength & Cardio Mix

Core & Strength Foundations

Family Fitness Fun!


Here’s What You Do:


Review the schedule, click on a session title with a camera icon for more information, then select “Sign Up”. You will be asked to confirm your reservation in order to complete the process. Then immediately join the session, regardless of the day and time it actually starts, and test your connection.



The time has come for your first session! Click into the session from the calendar or your personal class list. When your video feed starts, frame yourself so your instructor will be able to see your full body, for both standing exercises and those on the floor (you’ll probably need to be about 6-8 feet away). Chrome is the best browser to use, unless you are using an iPhone or iPad - then use Safari.

Ready to Get Started?

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