What If...

...Healthy eating was an integrated lifestyle for you rather than a never-ending series of diets and 30-day programs?

...The answer was not to have more willpower, a more restrictive diet, or an extra 5 hours in each day, but instead to have a simple system that you practice daily?

...You were not “lacking,” but already had all the tools you needed to meet your goals, right now, where you are?

...You didn’t have to do this alone?


Nutrition Coaching:

Nutrition coaching is individualized to where you are and what you need. Sessions include practical, hands-on information, covering things such as: 

  • Eating well without deprivation,
  • A kitchen makeover,
  • Grocery shopping,
  • Meal planning and prep,
  • Restaurants, holidays, and other tricky situations, 
  • Life factors that may be getting in your way without you even knowing it, 
  • ...and more!

For any new habit to 'stick,' it must become an integrated piece that can work realistically with the rest of your life; to that end, nutrition habits are built slowly and collaboratively. There are no quick-fix 30-day programs here, but you will be building a healthy foundation to last a lifetime.


Group Classes

Group nutrition classes aren't just informative...they're fun! "Classes" can be as informal as getting a group of friends together who all want to get better at simplifying meal planning and prep...and then all of us working on that together. Classes are collaborative and hands-on. Each participant will leave with an arsenal of knowledge, plus helpful handouts, recipes, quick guides, and a lifeline of support when questions arise.

Current Classes include

  • Meal Prep Made Simple: Easy ways to reduce time in the kitchen
  • Feeding My Family: providing healthy food to kiddos and partners...and staying sane while doing it!